Our Values

Integrity & Honesty

At Affiniti we seek to do the “right thing”. We strive to behave with honesty and integrity at all times.

Transformational Service

Our services promote access to justice, by providing claimants with the resources that they need to pursue their meritorious claim and access healthcare and other support which can transform their situation.


Our responsibility is clear – to take steps to ensure that we explain how our products work and the exact nature of the commitment that a client is considering taking on.


We think differently. We understand the unique needs of law firms and their clients and we provide innovative solutions to finance and manage their legal claims better. We are a creative force, driving change in the delivery of legal funding services.

Humanity, Decency & Understanding

We understand the gravity of the issues that our clients face, so we act with humanity, decency and understanding when considering loan applications and also in our dealings.


We are a service business and we understand the necessity for a tailored approach for each case. Our considerable experience and legal knowledge allow us to provide an excellent service for lawyers and their clients.

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