Affiniti Finance Podcast
Episode 10 – Professor Dominic Regan: Indemnity Costs

Our Senior Auditor, Sarah Corrigan, discusses the difference between Standard and Indemnity costs, the importance of putting your opponent on Notice, when Indemnity Costs are awarded, conduct points and when Indemnity Costs start to accrue with Professor Dominic Regan, Special Advisor to Affiniti Finance.

Professor Dominic Regan is one of the leading UK speakers on costs and dispute resolution and a valued Special Advisor to Affiniti Finance.

He assisted Sir Rupert Jackson on elements of reform since 2010 and was significantly involved in the budgeting Pilot Scheme. Sir Rupert recently described him as “the authority on my reforms “. In June 2019 he advised the House of Commons Select Committee on costs issues relevant to non-disclosure agreements and on aspects of costs. Dominic presents the Dispute Resolution webinars for LEXISNEXIS, having fronted the very first one back in 2007.

You can contact Professor Regan at:

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