Personal Injury Disbursement loans

Our Personal Injury Disbursement loans can be used to fund the expenses incurred in pursuing a claim such as expert medical reports or court fees.

How does the funding work?

  • The Loan is secured on an ATE (After the Event) insurance policy
  • We charge interest on a simple, not compound, basis and this interest is not payable until the claim is resolved
  • The money is drawn down as required by the solicitor running the claim, and paid directly into the law firm’s client account
  • If a case is unsuccessful the loan is repaid to Affiniti from the ATE insurance policy proceeds

The Benefits

Key Facts for Law Firms

  • Funding helps to preserve your company’s capital and cash flow
  • Ability to utilise Affiniti expertise to streamline funding requests for your clients
  • Our options offer flexibility to your clients

Key Facts for Consumers

  • A high-quality personal service, with prompt credit decisions
  • You need to have an ATE Policy in place, which will protect the repayment of your loan if your claim is unsuccessful
  • If you receive an interim payment from the defendant, you can repay your loan early with no early repayment charges


Personal Injury Disbursement Loan

Loan Amount


Annual Interest Rate (Fixed)


Interest Payable


Drawdown Fee


Total amount repayable after 12 months


Representative APR


The total amount that you will repay is dependent on the total amount of credit drawn, the number of drawdowns and the duration of the loan which may result in a higher APR%.

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