Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Our Products

Our products offer financial reassurance to clients when they need it most, empowering a client to focus on their health, without the financial worry often connected with a claim.

Many personal injury incidents leave the claimant with continuing physical, mental and financial health problems. Our finance is available to cover the cost of surgery, rehabilitation, therapy and any specialist equipment needed. We can support claimants with a wide range of healthcare needs, including catastrophic injury cases. We are also able to provide finance to assist with personal living expenses, to help acquire adapted accommodation and transport.

We offer two products for clients who are making a claim for an injury or negligence case:

  • Disbursement loans – to fund expenses incurred in pursuing a claim, such as expert medical reports and court fees
  • Unsecured non-recourse loans – to meet a client’s immediate physical, mental and financial needs. These loans can be used to fund, for example, rehabilitation treatment, adaptions or living expenses.

How does the funding work?

Disbursement loan

  • The Loan is secured on an ATE (After The Event) insurance policy. In the event that a case is lost or discontinued, the loan is repaid to Affiniti from the insurance policy proceeds
  • We charge interest on a simple, not compound, basis and this interest is not payable until the case is resolved
  • The money is drawn down as required by the solicitor running the case, and paid directly into the law firm’s client account

Non recourse loan

  • This loan is suitable for claimants who require treatment that is not available from the NHS, when they need it
  • The loan can cover the cost of surgery, rehabilitation and therapy, and any specialist equipment needed to improve quality of life
  • The loan can provide finance to assist with personal living expenses to enable adapted accommodation and transport

The Benefits

Benefits to the Law Firm

  • Ability to utilise Affiniti expertise to streamline funding requests for your clients
  • Our options offer greater flexibility and value to your clients
  • Funding helps to preserve your company’s capital and cash flow
  • Utilise Affiniti’s network in the market such as our panel of doctors for medical reports
  • Knowledge that Affiniti considers the interests of your client to be paramount

Benefits to the Claimant

  • A high quality personal service, with rapid credit decisions
  • Affiniti’s model, backed by insurance, allows risk free litigation to our claimants
  • Our funding gives you immediate access to private sector physical and mental healthcare services to improve your health status, and living expenses, long before your claim is resolved
  • We provide competitive pricing and predictable fee structure
  • If you receive an interim payment from the defendant, you can repay our loan early with no penalties
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