Life & Rehabilitation Loans – Assisting claimants achieve the settlement offer they deserve

One of the main reasons that claimants accept lower value settlements is time. Time is the most precious thing we own and each day a claimant is faced with outstanding bills, specialist medical treatment or urgent home improvements that they cannot afford, they are more likely to accept a settlement offer lower than they truly deserve.

Affiniti Finance have been offering our Life and Rehabilitation product for 5 years and in this time have assisted many customers to seek the justice and settlement values they deserve. These claimants have faced continuing physical, mental and financial problems. Be this the lack of funds to access private medical care or specialist rehabilitation, or to make the necessary adaptations to their home or cover their personal bills. Our Life and Rehabilitation loans offer financial reassurance to your client when they need it most, allowing them to focus on their health and recovery without the cash restrictions which causes so much additional stress to their lives.

What can the loan be used for?

  • For Claimants who require private treatment or support that is not immediately available from the NHS.
  • The loan can cover the cost of surgery, rehabilitation and therapy, and any specialist equipment needed to improve quality of life.
  • The loan can also provide finance to assist with personal living expenses, be that day-to-day expenses or larger items such as adaptations to living accommodation.

How does the loan work?

  • Approved solicitors can submit the loan enquiry to Affiniti Finance, we will review the enquiry and the supporting claim details, if it falls within our criteria we will approve the loan
  • Our interest rates and predictable fee structure takes away the uncertainty so your clients can focus on their recovery
  • If Claimants receive an interim payment from the defendant, they can repay the loan early with no early repayment charges
  • There are no monthly repayments, the loan, interest and our fees are repayable when the claim is settled


Don’t just take our word for it! Read some of the reviews from Claimants and Law Firms alike:


“Affiniti Finance provided excellent service, which 100% helped. The situation with my case was that the Defendant was not providing any interim payments. The Affiniti Finance loan saved me. It meant that I could get my rehabilitation going. I couldn’t thank Affiniti Finance more.”

Client Testimonial

Mr Deweer


“I found the service to be extremely fast, reliable and the steps involved were explained in full detail. I particularly found the service to be very personable; the staff understood that I required assistance prior to Christmas, following my accident and losing my income. The staff worked very hard and were determined to be helpful, thanks to the team’s hard work and Collette Owens. Thank you all so much.”

Client Testimonial

Mr Correa


“We regularly recommend the Affiniti Finance Life & Rehabilitation loans to our catastrophically injured clients, in situations where we are unable to secure interim funds (or engagement in the Rehabilitation Code), from the Defendant insurers. The product has been invaluable to our clients, who often desperately require funds for critical rehabilitation.”

Law Firm Testimonial

Richard Foyster, Partner, Ashtons Legal


“The process of obtaining a Life & Rehabilitation Loan from Affiniti Finance was very straightforward and user friendly. The whole team were extremely helpful and the loan was a lifeline for one of my catastrophically injured Clients who had an un co-operative defendant in a personal injury action, meaning that she found herself waiting for months for the question of funding to come before the Court. The Affiniti loan meant that she was able to access the support and services which she needed, when she needed them, without disruption to her wider rehabilitation programme.”

Law Firm Testimonial

Lisa Hunt, Thorneycroft Solicitors Ltd


How can Affiniti Finance assist law firms?

 If your firm is managing injury claims, we can offer funding to assist your firm.  In addition,  loan applications can be submitted online via our easy to use Law Firm Portal, where you can monitor these applications and request drawdowns.

To discuss the funding of Life & Rehabilitation claims, or one of our many other injury products, contact us directly at and one of our dedicated team will be assigned to help you. You can also visit our Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence page here for more information:

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