Insolvency Claims

An increasingly important class of realisable assets in an insolvency context is found in the claims that can be made by or on behalf of the insolvent estate.  Affiniti offer flexible funding to Insolvency Practitioners and Law Firms to pursue the claim to realise those assets. Affiniti will consider the purchase of claims, (for a one-off payment or incorporating a share of the recovery) or provide a range of funding solutions to support Insolvency Practitioners if they want to litigate the claims themselves.

Affiniti has built up a proven track record in financing claims and obtaining substantial results for the benefit of claimants in both the consumer and commercial sectors and are now responding to approaches from many of our professional clients and contacts by offering our tried and tested funding to assist those professionals working in the specialised arena of insolvency.

We provide:

  • a free, no commitment, assessment of claims for funding
  • direct routes to funding claims for the benefit of the estate and meeting professional fees
  • seamless funding options to Insolvency Practitioners and Law Firms to ensure they can secure the best route to settlement
  • a claim purchase option, enabling the Insolvency Practitioners to avoid the expense and risk of taking proceedings

If you have a claim arising from a Liquidation, Administration, Bankruptcy or other form of insolvency procedure we are interested in speaking with you.

In the first instance please contact us via the website  or email with a brief summary. One of our consultants will contact you to obtain further information; we then will review and make a prompt decision.

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