6 Months On

In these truly extraordinary and challenging times, it is difficult not to anchor our thoughts in business on the context, trends, and impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  While it would be unwise and perhaps apathetic not to acknowledge the pandemic’s relevance, in the world of litigation funding and finance, if not elsewhere, I consider it too early and indeed dangerous to surmise or predict at this juncture, and I hope that it is refreshing that this update from the Affiniti Finance Commercial Team finds its focus elsewhere.

Over the past several months, we have been working tirelessly to found and develop a  business which is responsive to the current funding needs and demands of sophisticated law, accounting and other professional services firms and their end clients, and which is modular and nimble enough to adapt with them, against a backdrop of rapid and dynamic change.

At the heart of our business are 9 basic principles, which we return to every day, on every enquiry, in every exchange.  These are:

  • The highest possible integrity
  • Continuous improvement
  • A high performance culture
  • Deep, empathic professional relationships
  • Clear criteria
  • Speedy assessment
  • The highest quality due diligence
  • Efficient ongoing loan management
  • Discreet, skilful and responsive client service

We have and I suspect always will have room to grow and improve, but I am very pleased to report that, at a time of increased consumer awareness, our focus on developing relationships and responsive service and product offerings has been welcomed by lawyers, insolvency officeholders, investigators and investors, who are all demonstrating an impressive openness to our nascent industry, and sophistication and skill in their application of our products to their challenges and needs.

We have seen not only an overwhelming uptake in opportunities and instructions across the broad spectrum of disputes, but also outstanding creativity as we work with eminent lawyers and accountants to empower them and their clients to deploy complex strategies to achieve impressive recoveries, while simultaneously striving to meet the strict demands of our Investment Committee, and investor stakeholders.

As a sector and practice agnostic disputes funding business, led by a team who joined from a leading London litigation and arbitration practice, it will perhaps come as little surprise that our recent work and investment pipeline has a high correlation with the following claim types, in the UK and in target foreign jurisdictions:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Commercial and investor-state arbitration
  • Restructuring and insolvency-backed action
  • Civil fraud and Asset-tracing
  • Regulatory matters and investigations
  • Internal corporate investigation and “special” projects
  • Agency backed “whistle blower” claims largely emanating from the United States
  • Group litigation, chiefly in the fields of competition, financial services and privacy
  • Bespoke pipeline non-recourse lending projects for key law and accountancy firms and sophisticated end clients across a range of industries and sectors, enabling your practice growth and reducing on-balance sheet opportunity cost.

We are passionate about what we do, and our ambition is to be the number one non-recourse disputes lender to the professional services sector and in time, and where appropriate, directly to end consumers.

I am lucky and truly grateful to have a team of incredibly talented, focused and hard working professionals, whose output and constructive criticism has enabled me to focus on the origination and execution of projects that we thought truly aspirational immediately on joining in November last year.  Every week welcomes several new opportunities to work with leaders in their field, on high profile projects, at the vanguard of contentious services.  I hope that this will continue to nourish my outstanding colleagues as we work with you where we can to achieve your case, practice, and corporate structuring objectives.

Nick Pontt

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