30 Second Read – Vicarious Liability

Professor Dominic Regan

November is vicarious liability month in the Supreme Court!

On 6th and 7th November, the appeal in VARIOUS CLAIMANTS V MORRISONS is to be heard. The company is challenging a decision that made it liable to pay compensation after a disgruntled employee (since imprisoned) leaked staff data online.

On 27th November the Court will hear an appeal by BARCLAYS BANK in another action brought by more various claimants, 126 in total. Should the bank be liable for acts of sexual abuse committed by an outsider contractor – a GP – during medical examinations that were compulsory prior to being employed? The bank insisted that the female claimants undergo a medical examination, the nature of which was prescribed by the bank. No option of a female doctor or chaperone was offered.

Expect judgments in the early Spring.

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