Group or Class Action

With growing numbers of high-value and high-profile claims being brought by large groups of claimants within the UK market, or international actions being brought to the UK courts, Affiniti has developed a range of financial options to provide competitive, cost effective solutions, to fund a group or class action.

Affiniti are also able to partner with law firms on book building, where suitable, and will also consider co-funding options with other financing partners.

The Benefits

Benefits to the Law Firm

  • Funding helps to preserve your company’s capital and cash flow
  • Affiniti can offer support for book building and client onboarding
  • Affiniti can offer co-funding options with other financers

Benefits to the Claimant

  • Funding shifts the risk of litigation
  • Funding levels the playing field between claimant and defendant
  • We have a strong track record in supporting access to justice
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