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To join our panel of approved law firms we will assign you an Affiniti relationship manager who will support you through your firm's application. We will complete a pre-set due diligence and approval process. Please contact us for more information.

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Affiniti requires the solicitor to undertake to repay the amount of the loan plus accrued interest out of the proceeds of the claim or the After The Event (ATE) policy to the extent that there are sufficient funds to do so. There are additional undertakings requiring the solicitor to notify Affiniti in the event that the claimant acts or threatens to act in such a way to undermine the good faith agreement between the parties or prejudice the litigation.

The loan is used to cover the disbursements associated with the case, for example expert reports, court  fees and the ATE insurance policy premium.

Interest is calculated daily on a 'simple' basis. Interest is applied to each amount drawn from the point it is drawn with the final sum repayable to Affiniti Finance when the claim has been settled.

Each case is unique and as such we do not have prescribed minimum and maximum loan amounts.

The application for funding can be made at any time during the legal proceedings.

Yes, if the claimant changes their mind within the first 14 days, there is no impact on the claimant and we will cancel the Credit Agreement. If 14 days has passed and the claimant has secured alternative funding they will be liable to repay the capital plus interest on any amount drawn. No early repayment fees are chargeable.

You will introduce the application to Affiniti Finance and we will send  the claimant the Application Form. If the case and circumstances meet our requirements, we will issue a Loan Agreement to the claimant. After signing the Loan Agreement, the claimant has a 14 day cooling off period in which they can change their mind. The funds will then become available to you for drawdown.

Claimant applications take, on average, two to seven days.

The funds are held with Affiniti Finance until you request a drawdown, at which point the funds will be sent to your client account.

The claimant is required to take out an After The Event (ATE) insurance policy before we can finance their loan. This is not applicable for non-recourse loans

If the claimant wishes to discontinue proceedings, they must consult with us first to determine the best course of action for all parties and refer to the relevant Clause of our Loan Agreement. The proceedings may only be discontinued with our agreement. If they discontinue the proceedings for no good reason, without notifying us and obtaining our agreement, the loan plus interest will become immediately repayable to us. If during the course of the proceedings, they believe the circumstances change so that a successful outcome is no longer achievable, they must contact us to discuss the situation.

Assuming you have adhered to our Criteria the After The Event (ATE) insurance will cover the cost of the loan and the claimant will not have to pay anything to Affiniti Finance.

In the unfortunate event of the claimant's death, the loan is settled against their estate.

We do not offer financial incentives. Our finance solution is one option available  and you should discuss other sources of funding with your claimant. 

The loan is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Affiniti Finance’s registration number is 664254.


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