Code of Conduct



Affiniti Finance Limited will:

  • act fairly with integrity, honesty and responsibly in all its dealings with you;
  • make sure that all services and products meet the requirements of this Code;
  • make sure that all services and products meet all the relevant laws and regulations, including the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (and all regulations made under it) and the Equality Act 2010;
  • have regard to relevant Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) rules and guidance;
  • not discriminate against you because of your race, sex, disability, ethnic background or sexuality;
  • help you when you need information, including explaining how the product(s) will affect your finances;
  • act honestly and try to make sure that all other suppliers of goods and services we do business with do the same;
  • not pressurise you to enter into any agreement with us and try to make sure that all other suppliers of goods and services we do business with do not pressurise you;
  • correct mistakes if they arise, handle complaints promptly and sympathetically and tell you how to take a complaint forward if you are still not satisfied with our response;
  • co-operate with regulators (such as the FCA) and organisations that handle complaints (such as the Financial Ombudsman Service);
  • consider cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and positively;
  • treat all your personal information as private and confidential, and run secure and reliable systems;
  • train our staff to make sure that the procedures they follow reflect the commitments set out in this Code; publicise the Code and make copies freely and readily available to you; and
  • ensure our service promotes access to justice, by providing claimants with the financial resource that they need to pursue, successfully, their meritorious claims.

Our financial products are often complex. We do not provide financial advice and we would never recommend that a client enters a loan with us.

Our responsibility is clear – to take steps to ensure that we explain how our product works and the nature of the commitment that a client is considering taking on.

We ensure clarity in all our documents, contract terms and communication written or oral.

We act with humanity, decency and understanding when considering loan applications and in all our dealings.

We offer a tailored approach to each loan enquiry. We will ensure you and your Solicitor receive a carefully considered response on a timely basis.

Customers will be given the opportunity to carefully consider all information prior to signing the loan agreement.

We will act responsibly and carefully about sending you details of services and products.


We will not knowingly send marketing material about our loans to you if you are under 18.


We will endeavour to ensure that all our promotional literature will be clear and not misleading. All our advertising and promotional material will comply with relevant advertising legislation and industry codes of practice.


We aim to provide you with the services that meet your needs.  If we make a mistake or fail to meet your expectations in some way, we want the opportunity to put things right as quickly as possible. Complaints Procedure


Whenever you ask, we will confirm that we follow this Code of Conduct, copies of which are freely available.

Lending Money


We will make sure that all loan applications go through a sound and proper credit assessment. We will give you and your Solicitor information to allow you to make informed decisions about the loan offered and whether this meets your requirements.

You are encouraged to contact our Consumer Team if you have any questions in relation to our products or service.

If we refuse your loan application, we will give you, if you ask, the main reason why you have not met our lending conditions. You will have a right to ask us to review our decision. We will tell you whom to contact if you want us to review our decision.

We will not take any steps that cause or are likely to cause the Client’s Solicitor or Barrister to act in breach of their professional duties;

We will not seek to influence the Client’s Solicitor or Barrister to cede control or conduct of the legal claim.


We will take particular care if you are vulnerable to ensure our interaction with you is appropriate based on your requirements to ensure that you are treated fairly.

In doing this, we will ensure:

  • we understand the needs of our customers in relation to their vulnerability;
  • staff are able to recognise and respond to the needs of vulnerable customers; and
  • continuous assessment whether we are meeting and responding to the needs of customers with characteristics of vulnerability and making improvements where this is not happening.


We will observe the confidentiality of all information and documentation relating to our interactions with you, to the extent that the law permits, and subject to our Data Privacy Policy & Statement


V2 March 2021

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