Affiniti Finance is a leading litigation finance company that provides financial support to personal injury claimants who need additional funds to pursue their case and obtain justice.

Our finance is available to fund the disbursements needed to effectively pursue your case, including the cost of medical reports, technical reports and court fees.

The Loan is secured on an ATE insurance policy which we or your solicitor can arrange for you. In the event that your case is lost or discontinued, the loan is repaid to Affiniti from the policy proceeds.

We charge interest on a simple, not compound, basis and this interest is not payable until the case is resolved.

The money is drawn down as required by your solicitor and paid directly into the law firm’s client account.

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Key Benefits of our finance services:

Empowers you to pursue a claim that you could not otherwise afford to make.
Allows you to improve the strength of the claim.
Gives you immediate access to private sector physical and mental healthcare services to improve your health status, long before your claim is resolved.
All our loans are either secured on an ATE insurance policy or are non- recourse – if your claim fails you are not required to repay capital and interest to us.
Fixed rates of interest give you greater certainty about the cost of our loan.
No set up or administration fees.
If you receive an interim payment from the defendant, you can repay our loan early with no penalties.
We are able to guide you on how to put together an integrated health treatment plan to meet your unique needs.
We can give guidance on where to find the best specialist healthcare and devices.
A high quality personal service, with rapid credit decisions.
Integrity, honesty, openness and clarity in all our dealings with you and your lawyer.