Expertise – Our experience of commercial and personal litigation gives us an understanding of the needs of claimants and their legal advisors. We seek to provide funding solutions that meet the specific requirements of each individual case and that are cost effective for the client.
Litigation Risk – At Affiniti Finance we understand the risk reward profiles of commercial litigation and we structure our products to allow claimants to manage these risks.
Quality of Service – We work to provide an efficient and timely service, working with legal advisors to find the best funding solution as quickly as possible. We seek to be responsive, open and transparent in all our dealings.
Financial Resources – Affiniti Finance can bring to bear significant levels of financial resource; we are backed by leading financial institutions.
Value for Money – Our funding products seek to minimise the costs of funding by managing
and allocating risk, thus allowing claimants to retain a greater percentage of damages.
Innovation – The Affiniti funding solutions provide all the benefits of the standard
products in the market; but use innovative structures to deliver better value
Partnership – As Affiniti is a non recourse funder, we are sharing the risk of success or
failure of the claims we support. We seek therefore to work in partnership with both
claimants and their legal advisors to create a positive outcome.