Affiniti Finance is an independent, privately owned specialist litigation funding company. We provide litigation funding to both private individuals and commercial organisations. Affiniti is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number: 664254.

We fund Breach of Contract, Shareholder Disputes, Intellectual Property, Professional Negligence litigation and Arbitration.

We finance disbursements i.e. expenditure on costs, fees, reports, counsel’s advice etc. that is covered under a After The Event Insurance policy. We do NOT fund solicitors’ costs.

We require the borrower to take out and maintain an After The Event Insurance policy that covers the type of disbursement funded. The ATE policy must cover the size of the advance provided by Affiniti at all times.

We provide commercial advances from £50,000 to £1 million

We charge a fee that varies with the length of time that the advance is outstanding. Please contact us for more details.

Affiniti dies NOT charge an application fee, a document fee, a draw down fee, or an early redemption fee.

No Affiniti’s return is a fee that is calculated as a percentage of the advance and increases the longer that the advance is outstanding; our fee is not based on a percentage of your damages.

Affiniti seeks to work with law firms of the highest calibre and can work with almost any high quality, reputable, established firm. As part of our diligence process and before we finance a claim we will approve the law firm that you have chosen to use.

You or your legal advisor can apply to Affiniti directly. Please contact us by ‘phone or e-mail and we will send you an application form. We seek to hold a meeting with all eligible applicants and their legal advisor at an early stage.

Affiniti does not play an active role in the management of your claim. The legal team will be asked to complete a brief, quarterly online questionnaire and keep Affiniti updated on the progress of the claim. We’ll also require copies of all the invoices so we can track the budget. Affiniti’ approval is required if you wish to settle the case at a level that means that Affiniti is not fully repaid.

Yes our advance can be repaid at any time subject to the receipt by Affiniti of the agreed fee up to the date of repayment.

Where a financed claim is settled or wins at trial, the proceeds of the claim, both costs and damages, will be distributed to Affiniti, your legal team and the ATE provider,in the priority order set out in the finance agreement.

If tour claim is unsuccessful, Affiniti will have its advance reimbursed under the ATE policy and will write off its fee.

Affiniti provides advances to corporate bodies on an unregulated basis. If you are a sole trader and the advance is for more than £25,001, the advance is exempt. If you are a sole trader and the advance is for less than £25,000, the advance is CCA regulated.

The legal team will work with Affiniti to set a budget for a claim at the outset, and whilst it is expected that claimants and legal teams will do their best to work to the budget, we recognise that this is not always possible. Where a variation is required we must be notified. Affiniti may provide an additional advance to allow the case to continue.

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