Structure of Affiniti’s Litigation Funding

Affiniti Finance’s commercial litigation funding enables claimants in litigation or arbitration to finance the third party costs required to make their claim i.e. disbursements. These costs may include Barristers’ fees, the costs of expert witness’s reports, court fees, ATE premiums and other expenses. We do not finance solicitor’s own costs.

The repayment of Affiniti’s specialist funding products is entirely success dependent. If the claim turns out to be unsuccessful and the claimant has performed its obligations, there is nothing to pay.

The After the Event insurance, taken out by the claimant to cover disbursements, repays the capital and Affiniti writes off its fees. If the claim is successful, the claimant repays the funding and the fees to Affiniti out of damages and or costs. Affiniti’s return, when the case is successful, is a fee that varies with how long the funding has been outstanding. The level of this fee is known at the outset.

Affiniti does not take a percentage share of the claimant’s damages.

Benefits of Affiniti’s Litigation Funding

Preserves company’s capital

Makes additional funding available

Makes the economics of the claim viable

Mitigates litigation risk

Predictable fee structures

Stabilises profit performance

The Types of Commercial Dispute that we are able to support are:

Breach of Contract

Shareholder Disputes

Intellectual Property

Professional Negligence