Affiniti Finance Limited specialises in providing financial support to individuals and companies who are pursuing meritorious legal claims. Whilst it has always been difficult to afford access to justice in the UK, the withdrawal of Legal Aid, the increase in court fees and the new legal landscape brought about by LAPSCO, have raised the financial barriers to justice in recent years.

Affiniti was founded in 2014 by Ian Cunningham and Nick Shapland. Based on their experience of international litigation funding in the USA and Ireland, Ian and Nick wanted to offer innovative, competively priced financial products that support access to justice in the UK.

Our products are designed to empower you and your legal adviser, by giving you the resources to maximise your claim proceeds if your case is won and minimise your financial risk if you lose.

Affiniti Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 664254.

Ordinary people are finding it more difficult to access justice because of issues including legal aid cuts, court closures and increased court fees, as well as changes to the rules regarding the legal costs a client can recover – The Law Society

It is the charter of the little man to the British courts of justice. It is a Bill which will open the doors of the courts freely to all persons who may wish to avail themselves of British justice without regard to the question of their wealth or ability to pay – Former Attorney General Sir Hartley Shawcross, introducing the Legal Aid and Advice Bill in December 1948

Funding is beneficial and should be supported. It promotes access to justice – Lord Justice Jackson 2010