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About Affiniti

Affiniti Finance, founded in 2014, specialises in providing financial support to individuals and companies who are pursuing meritorious legal claims.

We offer innovative, transparent and competitively priced financial products that support access to justice both in the UK and internationally. We regularly update our product offerings to allow more of our clients to access the financial support they need.

Affiniti Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 664254.

What Is Legal Finance?

History shows that legal funding has been practiced for over a millennia, traced back to Ancient Greek and Roman times. Legal funding, which has been permitted in England and Wales since 1967, can also be known as third party funding or legal financing. The practice enables a party to litigate or arbitrate without having to pay for it themselves. By taking a ‘loan’ or ‘funding solution’ with a third party professional funder, some or all of the costs/expenses associated with a dispute are covered, in return for a fee or a share of the proceeds if the litigation is successful. If the litigation is not successful, the funder bears the costs.

What We Offer

We cover four main areas of legal funding. Our products are tailored to suit the needs of the respective clients.

Our products are available on an individual case basis, where Affiniti Finance’s team complete case by case underwriting, or on a delegated underwriting authority to approved law firms. Please see further information on the product specific pages for the options available for law firms.

supporting access to justice

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