Financial Mis-selling & Civil Litigation

Our Products

At Affiniti Finance we work with our panel of approved law firms, providing bespoke funding to advance claims in several areas. We work on a range of disputes stemming from financial mis-selling and civil litigation, such as mis-sold financial products and investments to housing issues. 

With our unique offering and innovative approach to legal funding we can ensure that competitive and cost-effective financing solutions are available to claimants in a wide variety of actions.

We work with lawyers and barristers who have set the precedence in these cases to define a claim criteria. Our approved law firms gain access to this criteria to apply to their cases and if their claimants fit within this, Affiniti will fund these cases at volume.

We are always open to new proposals of claim types wherever our support and expertise is required, to assist claimants to access justice.

Current Product Offerings:

  • Mortgage Mis-Selling
  • Mis-sold Pensions
  • Mis-sold Timeshares
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Housing Disrepair

How does the funding work?

Disbursement Loan

  • The Loan is secured on an ATE (After The Event) insurance policy. In the event that a case is lost or discontinued, the loan is repaid to Affiniti from the insurance policy proceeds
  • We charge interest on a simple, not compound, basis and this interest is not payable until the case is resolved
  • The money is drawn down as required by the solicitor running the case, and paid directly into the law firm’s client account

The Benefits

Benefits to the Law Firm

  • Funding helps to preserve your company’s capital and cash flow
  • Access to our case funding criteria for immediate accept / decline on your cases
  • Access to our integrated platform for electronic client submission
  • Seamless electronic application for your clients, for their Affiniti loan
  • Ability to utilise Affiniti expertise to streamline funding requests for your clients
  • Our options offer greater flexibility to your clients

Benefits to the Claimant

  • Empowers you to pursue a claim that you could not otherwise afford to make
  • Allows you to improve the strength of the claim
  • Affiniti’s model, backed by insurance, allows risk free litigation to our claimants
  • We have a strong track record in supporting access to justice
  • We provide competitive pricing and predictable fee structure
  • The interests of the claimant are considered paramount